ideal client for your law firm
I spend a lot of time thinking about, and adjusting, who my ideal client is. Know why I do this? Because if you can pin down who your ideal client is, it allows everything else to fall into place.

Let me give you an example to show you what I mean. One of the LFC members in our private Facebook group asked the group the other day where he should spend $300 he had laying around for marketing his practice. He wanted to know if he should use google ads or do something else.

Before I could answer I needed to know who exactly what his practice area was, and then I needed to know precisely who his ideal client was. Then I could answer his question pretty easily.

For example, if he’d said, “I’m a DUI attorney and my ideal client is a 30 year old professional with no criminal history who is scared about losing their driver’s license and harming their reputation,” then I’d probably tell them to give adwords a shot (among other things).

If he’s said “I’m an estate planning attorney and my ideal clients are young families who know they need protection but aren’t sure what that is or how to get it,” then I I’d tell him to go talk to local real estate agents, accountants, financial planners, or consider facebook ads.

If his ideal client in the above scenario was people with high net worth that are looking for a second opinion on their estate planning set up, I’d have a completely different answer for where he should spend the money (find those high net worth financial planners and take them out to lunch).

The point is, the way you are going to spend your money is heavily dependent on what you do and who you serve. If you don’t know the answers to those two questions, then you’re just pissing your money away.