Welcome to Law Firm Marketing Mastery and The Law Firm Marketing Mastery Podcast! If you are here, you probably came over from my other blog,

I explain more in the podcast itself, but I’ve decided to start this site and move on from because getting clients is the name of the game.

Because this is the first session I spend a little bit of time introducing myself, talking about how and why I got into podcasting, and why I’ve decided to start a blog dedicated solely to law firm marketing AND a podcast dedicated to law firm marketing.

Future shows will have a structured format and several will include special guests. Also, the plan is to do a new podcast every week.

Special information mentioned during the show and action items will appear below, along with a transcript.

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Items Mentioned in This Section

Action Items

1. Get Started Today! Don’t wait until everything is perfect. When it comes to marketing your law firm, testing is critical. If you don’t do something, you’ll never get anything.

2. Once iTunes has approved the show, I’ll put a link up here so you can subscribe to the podcast only. If you want to subscribe to the blog and all of my material, just click here.


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