LFMM 009 Transcript: The 2012 Smallies

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Welcome to episode 9 of the Law Firm Marketing Mastery Podcast were we get more clients, make more money, step-by-step. I’m your host, Christopher Small, and this week I’m going to hand out my 2012 “Smallies” for the best things I found in 2012.

Week in Review

Before we get to the Smallies though, I want to talk to you about what happened to me in this past week. As you know, it was the week before Christmas, so it’s a week I think for a lot of us where everything hopefully kind of slows down. The calendar starts to get a little bit cleared, so we can get out there and do some Christmas shopping, so we can have some Christmas parties, and tell our staff how thankful we are to have them, and all that kind of stuff.

And that was definitely one of the things that happened with me. From a business standpoint though, one of the things that happened last week was we finally got the DUI direct mailers out, which was nice. And we are already starting to get calls from it too, which was great. I think we sent out a couple hundred that had built up over the last 3 or 4 weeks, and I think we already gotten about ten calls last week from those that went out.

So if there was 200 and that was 5% call back rate already, which is pretty good. And I am happy about that because I put a lot of time into that letter and I’m glad that it is paying off. So some of that I will probably talk about in a lot more depth in the next coming weeks. Talk about how I put it together, and talk about how you can put together something like that too if you want to.

And second, last week I ordered some new business cards, as part of the process of me officially splitting up the 2 practice areas: the DUI practice and the traffic practice.

You know, the clients for each of those are separate and the referrals for each of those tend to be separate, so I’m going to market them as separate. I want people to remember that, you know, if they need a DUI attorney we are there for them, and if they need a traffic attorney, we’re here for them too. And, when I’m on the street, you know I have cards I can hand out related probably to the traffic defense area since that’s what almost every average person would need and then when people need to get the DUI help then they can find me in the ways that I’ve set up for people to find me when they need a DUI attorney.

So, I’ve done those two things.

One of the things I’ve made sure to do on each of those cards, which I think is something important for us all to remember is: a) on both cards I reminded everyone how important I think referrals are and how, and I basically requested that people refer business to me if they know anyone that needs my help.

I think that’s an important thing to do, is to let people know that you love referrals and that you welcome referral. When you do that that implants in people minds that they can refer people to you, and I think it makes a big difference when those referral opportunities arise.

The second thing that I did was I put a specific call to action on there. Instead of just having my phone number, my email address, I say specifically, “if you have a problem call today.” And you know, I have my phone number on there.

And I think that’s important. I think it’s an important thing that you want to have an all of your marketing materials is a call to action – a specific statement that tells the person what they should do next.

Because, while it seems like having your phone number on there and having your email address or your website on there is good enough, you’ll get a much higher rate of return if you specifically tell people what they should do, even if it’s as simple as: “Go check out my website,” or “Give me a call today for a free consultation.”

Those things make a big difference. So the next time you’re redesigning your business cards, next time you’re redesigning your website, make sure you have those elements incorporated, because if you don’t you are missing out on a lot of potential business.

The third thing that I’m happy to report is that I have, well I’m near the completion of a redesign of lawfirmmarketingmastery.com, so you should go check it out. I don’t think it will be done by the time this podcast is up. In fact, I know it won’t. But in the next couple days it should definitely be out.

So I’m pretty excited about it. It’s got a couple of updates on there, I think it’s going to be easier to get around on the site, and it’s going to be a lot more organized.

For example, if you want to see all of the podcasts, they are all on their own separate page, so you won’t have to scroll down through all the other posts to find the previous podcast, and things like that.

I’m excited about it. I’ve also got a signup on there for anyone that’s interested in getting news about my starting a law firm book that’s going to be coming out pretty soon. I’m going to be releasing some excerpts for everyone to check out, like the first chapter, some things like that. There’s going to be a lot of information in there, and then once it gets put together I’d probably also send out some information to those people that are on the list, about how to get a copy early, how to get a copy for discount, and probably how to get a copy with some added features.

So, if you’re interested in that starting a law firm book, and just to remind you in case you don’t know, the theme of the book is going to be starting a law firm in the twenty-first century, so it’s going to take a lot of the things that I learned about starting a law firm, you know, in the last four years, and I’m going to implement or talk about those things, particularly as compared to some of the other older books that, have no social media presence, for example, or don’t really talk about cloud computing, or paperless offices, or even value billing honestly.

Those are things that I think are coming to the forefront now, that, if you’re not thinking about, you’re going to lose a lot of opportunities. So I wanted to kind of put in one location all of the things that I’ve thought about, and all of the things that I’ve done and starting my law firm, so that you can use that information to help you on your journey.

The other thing that’s going to be on the new website design is going to be a sign up for the newsletter. And some of you are signed up for the newsletter I’m sure, but with the newsletter, what I give out with my newsletter is my monthly income figures.

So I talk about, I tell you exactly how much I make, how much I spend, and I usually will include some other tidbits, anything that’s worked, or didn’t work, or maybe something that I changed that month that made a big difference, and I stole that from Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income.

He does that, and it just, I feel like if I’m out here talking about ways you can make your law firm better, make more money, that, you know, I should show you that at least I try to do them myself.

Sometimes not everything is going to work, but, as long as you’re moving forward, as long as you’re making more money every month, or every quarter at least, then, you know you’re moving in the right direction. And I want to give you all the opportunity to see what I’m doing, and, this is an important time to sign up, because when this next month’s numbers come out, you’ll get to see the whole year. I’ll probably do a whole year break down and give you a quick idea of how much I made and how much I spent, and if you want to see that, if you want kind of the inside scoop on that information, then go to lawfirmmarketingmastery.com and you can sign up for my newsletter there.

Okay, fourth and finally, Christmas thank you’s – so this is probably for another podcast, but I don’t just hand out Christmas cards to people. I think that’s just too easy and nobody… I don’t think they make the impact that other things can.

So what I do is, throughout the year I keep a list of people that refer me business, people that do good things for the firm, or good things for me, or just good things in general, and then, those people get kind of anointed as my “major players,” or my “pro players.” And what I do every year for the “pro players” is I put together a very special gift for them.

Last year it was, I put together some glasses some rocks glasses that said “Happy holidays from CMS Law Firm” and I gave them a… I think it was a pint of Johnny Walker whiskey or something really nice.

Kind of doing the same thing again this year, but it’s just a way to say “thank you” that’s more than just a card and it’s a way to say thank you to the people that have really specifically contributed to the health of my business.

So I think you should think about that. You don’t have to do it at Christmas time. You can do it at any time. You can do it quarterly or you can do it every six months, but it’s a great way to promote those relationships with people that are taking care of you and it’s a great way to say thank you with more than just a card.

I’ll talk about that in an upcoming podcast. Just making a note of that real quick.

Feature Segment: The 2012 Smallies

That’s it for the weekly review. Let’s talk quickly, well, not quickly. Let’s talk about our Feature Segment, which is the Smallies.

I stole this idea from a podcast I listen to called Preneurcast, which are going to talk about more here upcoming in about five minutes probably. But on Preneurcast they did a show where they reviewed some of the best things that they dealt with in 2012. Some of the products that they used that were great, some of the applications that they used, some of the podcasts that they loved, things like that. So I decided I would do the same thing.

The awards that, I can’t remember what they called their awards, but you know, I decided to call mine the “Smallies” right? My name is Christopher Small, and I write this show, I make this show, so I call the awards what I want, right?

So, Smallies it is. And there are going to be a few different topics that I’m going to talk about, there’s going to be books, software and applications, hardware, podcasts, courses, and then services. So these are going to be just things that I use, that I like, and, looking over them, most of them are actually free. And hopefully you’ll hear something that you never heard of before, that you can try out, and that will make your workflow better, that would make your life better, that will make you more money, right?

2012 Smallies | Books

So let’s just dive in. First, books.

I’ve got two books here that I’m recommending for the 2012 Smallie. The first book is called Influence, by Robert Cialdini, and this book is one of the all-time great business books.

It’s not a “How to” book, it’s not “this is how do direct mail,” or “this is how you set up a website,” Influence focuses on I think the 8 factors that influence people’s decisions to buy or not buy something.

It’s a great book. It uses a lot, it relies on a lot of psychological research that’s been done in the last 50 years or so, and it really outlines the 8 things that you should be thinking about every time that you create a marketing plan.

You should be tapping in to probably 3 or 4 of these psychological barriers each time you try to market your services. You need to break these barriers down. You need to use these psychological methods to make an impact on your potential customers.

And there may be some people out there, I’m just going to nip this in the bud, that are thinking “yeah, but isn’t that kind of manipulating people so that they buy something that they don’t want to buy?”

The answer to that is no.

What this is is using the powers of psychology and persuasion to get people to buy your product. But the difference is that you are selling them something that they need, something that is valuable, and something that is legitimate.

And if you are doing that, then helping them choose you, to make the right decision, is ok, at least in my book. If they don’t buy something from you, they’re going to buy something from someone else. So you might as well use your power to show them why you’re the right person for the job.

So, that’s a fantastic book. I would encourage everyone to read it and it needs to be in your library. It’s something that I would probably read once a year to refresh my-self. It’s ground breaking in what it can do.

The second book is called The Ultimate Sales Letter. It’s by Dan Kennedy and this is definitely more of a how-to book. It’s a book that I used to give me the template to write my direct mail ad, my letter. And it’s something that you should have in your library and refer back to quite often because you can use it not only for direct mail, but you can use it for any kind of copy that you’re writing, any kind of sales, well, any kind of persuasive presentation that you’re going to put together.

If you’re going to be going to court, if you’re going to be writing a brief, you can use this book to help you structure your content so that it makes the biggest impact from a persuasive standpoint. And I know we all have the IRAC method and stuff like that for briefs, but that is boring.

And while it may lay out a good case, if you can keep your judge interested, if you can keep your prospective client interested, then you have won half of the battle, and this book will help you do that. The Ultimate Sales Letter – it gives you examples, it gives you very specific things to think about, and it’s a great book.

Like I said, I sent my mailers out, and I’m already getting a good response and I have to attribute a lot of my success to the foundations that are taught in that book. So it definitely wins a Smallie for the year.

2012 Smallies | Software and Applications

Okay, the second category is software and applications and I’ve got two of those.


The first one is Evernote. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Evernote, but it is essentially an online filing cabinet for every kind of electronic item that you might have. People use it to organize case law. People use it to organize thoughts. People use it to organize blog posts. People use it to organize swipe files where you keep ideas for later.

The great thing about Evernote is that it can, you can put text files in there, you can put pdf’s in there, you can put audio files, you can put video files, you can put whatever you want in there, and it will save it… you can organize your information by notebooks.

It’s completely searchable too, so if you get a lot of stuff in there you can search and find what you want. And the other great thing about it is there is an application for it for your iPhone and iPad and Evernote will automatically sync all of your information across all of your devices. So, whether you’re on your desktop at the office, you’re on your iPhone, at the ball game, or you’re on your iPad in court, and you want to either write down a quick note, or refer to a quick case, then you can to that through Evernote.

And, it’s free.

There are pro versions that you pay for, but I don’t use them. I use the free version, and so far it’s been more than enough, more than powerful enough to take care of all of my needs.

So go check that out, Evernote. And, by the way, I don’t know if you’re in your car or whatever, and you can’t write all this down. Don’t worry about it. All the links to these things will be in the show notes so you can just go to lawfirmmarketingmastery.com and this podcast will be up towards the top there and you can get links to everything that you need.


All right, the second application that I’m going to be talking about is called PodCruncher. Lately, over the past 2 or 3 months, I have basically turned off the radio in my car, turned off the radio everywhere. And what I’ve done instead is listen to podcasts, and listen to audiobooks, and what PodCruncher does, it’s a great application that is on your iPhone, you can put it on your iPad, for syncing and keeping all of your podcast feeds up to date.

So, for example, with this podcast, Law Firm Marketing Mastery, when you like it you can go to iTunes, and you can subscribe to it, and every time I put a new episode out then you’ll get an update that that’s there.

Pod Cruncher will organize all of your podcasts into one place, and it will give you an alert when there’s a download ready so you can just download it. It’s a lot like Google Reader in the sense that it keeps all of your podcasts organized, lets you know when they’re available, and that way, you know, when you’re in the bank, standing in line, you can listen to the podcast. When you’re driving to court – podcast. When you’re driving to the office, podcast.

You can always have something new to listen to. You can always be learning about business. You can always be getting new ideas for your law firm. PodCruncher is a great resource to do that.

2012 Smallies | Hardware

The third category for the Smallies is hardware, and I’ve got again, two things here for hardware.

Audio-Technica ATR2100 Microphone

The first Smallie goes to the Audio-Technica ATR2100, which is the microphone that I’m talking in to right now. Hopefully the sound quality here is better than average, at least.

This microphone only cost me 35 dollars, but it’s a USB mic, so it plugs into the USB outlet of the computer, which I guess makes the audio quality just that much better than using an audio jack, or something like that, which I understand doesn’t work as well.

I don’t know much about microphones or audio, and to prove it I’ll tell you a quick secret right here. This is actually the third time that I am recording this podcast. It’s the first time that I ever had to record it again, but I had some glitches in the matrix and I had to freaking start over twice.

That’s what my knowledge is of audio and editing and microphone and things like that. But I do know when I talk into this microphone it tends to sound better than when I don’t.

So think about that, it’s only $35. I have it attached to a stand as well and it just sits on my desk, right here in front of my face. I talk into it and it spits out what you’re listening to now.

If you’re going to be doing… and that’s the thing, if you’re going to have audio on your website, if you’re going to have a blog that has videos or anything like that, the one thing that you want to make sure it’s good is the audio.

The video should be good, and can be good, but if you’ve got bad lighting or something like that, or you know, your camera is not filming you in HD, that’s not going to make as big difference as if people can’t hear and understand the audio. If it’s not clear, or if it’s choppy, or if there’s a lot of background noise, those are the things that are going to distract people from picking up your message, and that’s the last thing that you want to have happen.

So, if you’re going to do anything with audio, make sure that you’ve got something that will give you a good product from an audio standpoint.

iPhone 4

The second Smallie for the hardware category goes to the iPhone. And I hope that you all understand why.

I take the iPhone to the office, obviously. I take it to bed. I take it in the bathroom. I take it to court. I take it everywhere. And it’s great because it allows me to do work, or to consume content anytime I want.

I have an iPad too, but I don’t like the iPad as much because for me, when I’m in court, sitting around with clients and things like that, the iPhone’s smaller screen just gives me the privacy that I need to… if I want to look at the another file or something while waiting for the court to be called.

I just like the iPhone better. I still use the iPad. I use it a lot when I’m in the office, when I’m out, in the airport for example, so basically anywhere except for the court room. But the iPhone has everything I need on it – Evernote, PodCruncher, all that stuff.

2012 Smallies | Podcasts

Okay, the next category for the Smallies is podcasts, and I’ve got two here.


The first one that I want to award the Smallie to is Preneurcast. This is the podcast that I was referring to earlier, and it is one of the best podcasts that I’ve ever heard.

It is done by two guys, Pete Williams and Dom Goucher. Pete Williams is supposed to be the Richard Branson of Australia. I’ve talked about his podcast on here before, I’m sure. I was referred to this podcast by a guy named Alejandro Reyes, who I met at the Derek Halpern meet up here in Seattle (click here to hear that story).

If I didn’t just drop enough names, well, that’s all you’re going to get for today.

But I started listening to it, and it is just chalk full of fantastic information. I literally started from the first episode, and in the last month or so, I think, I’m now on episode 50. And they have great, great information.

It’s marketing and business in general, so it’s not directed directly to a law firm, but you can take that information and then just apply it to your firm in ways that work for you.

And that’s what you’re going to have to do with a lot of these podcasts. Even mine, even this podcast is specifically about marketing a law firm, but some of the lessons will apply more to your firm specifically, and some will not. All you can do is take the information that you learn here and then apply it to your firm so it helps you out.

Please go take a listen to Preneurcast, it’s great.

Internet Business Mastery Podcast

The second podcast that wins the Smallie 2012 is the Internet Business Mastery Podcast, and it may sound a lot like the Law Firm Marketing Mastery podcast, and that is because I borrowed from their platform, which they encourage people to do.

Internet Business Mastery Podcast is all about marketing an internet business. It’s also really big on mindset, and doing the things, and setting yourself up for success, from a psychological stand point, which is really important.

Every day we all do things that get in our own way, that stop us from achieving everything that we can. And by recognizing that, by understanding that, and identifying that, it’s a lot easier to overcome those barriers.

They do a good job of talking about that. And this is a… Jay and Sterling are the guys that do this… actually I don’t think he goes by Sterling anymore, but it’s a great podcast. They talk exclusively about internet marketing, but again, it’s a great place to go to get information and ideas about how to market your firm on the internet.

And if you are not marketing your firm on the internet you might as well be invisible. So go there and check that out, they have great information there too.

2012 Smallies | Courses

The course, I’m only giving one Smallie out for a course this year, and that’s because I only feel like one deserves it that I’ve done so far, and it is the Internet Business Mastery Course.

This is a course that I paid for. I think I bought it for five hundred bucks, and the course is all about starting an internet business.

And you might think, well, “you’ve been doing this for 4 years, you have a strong internet presence, you have this podcast, why do you need to buy an internet business course?”

And the answer to that is, these guys are really good at what they do, and I wanted to get all of the information that they had to offer. They have a lot of fantastic information, and I thought it could help me out, and five hundred bucks is small change compared to what I could make from the information they give me.

And that goes to kind of a bigger thing too with some of us. We’re scared to spend money on a course, we’re so scared to spend that hard earned money that we may not get a return on.

But, with these products, with a lot of these information courses, it’s almost guaranteed that you’re going to get at least a return on your investment, at least the one for one return on your investment.

For example, by buying this course, I need to ask myself, “is it going to allow me to make back at least the money that I spent on the course?

And, in this case, the answer is yes.

They have, it’s audio and video tutorials. They have worksheets that you use. The other great thing is they have a membership community that you get to be a part of.

That’s one of the things that I’m going to make a big part of my membership site. And the thing about having a community is you not only have a place where you can go to get help and have your questions answered, but it’s also a place where you can go and just get the support that you need to kind of push forward an keep going, keep working hard when you’re just not feeling it.

And the other great thing about the community is, and this community in particular is, they have a thing set up where they share links, where they share Twitter follows and Facebook likes, and they do guest blog posts, and when it comes to marketing law firms, that’s one of the hardest things to come across.

I’m part of a couple of blog networks, and one of the hardest things for me is finding a place where I can put a guest blog post that I would write. Because the idea is that you want to at least put it on a site that has a legal subject matter about it. So even if I’m a DUI attorney, I could do a guest blog post for a family law attorney about how a DUI might affect someone that’s going through divorce, or three reasons why want to make sure that you take care of a DUI as it relates to your divorce.

But when I’m part of a blog network, and you know, there are ten people and three of them are writing about stock trading, and two of them are writing about window shades, those are hard sites for me to put articles on that are relevant.

By creating a community, we can all work together to build each other up. And that’s what Internet Business Mastery does. And it’s really been really helpful for me, and it’s very helpful for the other members of the community. So think about as you start 2013 if there is a course out there that it might seem a little bit too expensive, but you think the return would be good, find a way to take that course. It’s, 9 times out of 10 it’s going to be worth the money. And even if you don’t feel like it is, there’s usually something that you can learn in these courses, something that you can take away from the course.

And here’s the other thing, most of this things have money back guarantees. So if you take the course and you don’t like it, if you think it’s worthless, ask for your money back. That’s why they are there, right?

I know with my membership  site in my course, there’ll be a money back guarantee, because I know the value that I’m providing to everyone, it’s going to be ten times more, at least, than the monthly fee, right?

Think about this podcast, and every week you get information. And this is free right now. How much money do you think you can make off of each of these episodes from the information that I provide.

For example, just talking about The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy, if you’re going to get that book I guarantee you can add a thousand dollars a month to your revenue. If you just implement the lessons in that book, that’s well worth spending like ten dollars on a podcast. Because you’re getting the return on your investment.

If you want to check out the Internet Business Mastery Course click here.

2012 Smallies | Services

Okay, enough about Internet Business Mastery. Let’s go to the last Smallie category which is services.

CMS Law Firm LLC

So the first Smallie I’m going to give out and I’m a little biased here, but it’s going to go to my firm, CMS Law Firm.

I created my firm with a specific vision in mind, and part of that vision was to have excellent customer service. In my experience 90% of my job is making sure that my clients are actively engaged with the case, have open lines of communication with me, and feel like they are getting their money’s worth, basically.

When they call, I return their phone calls. When they email with questions I answer their questions. When they want to know what’s going on, I tell them what’s going on.

We don’t always win all of our cases, but, I think 99% of my clients, at the end of the day are satisfied with the service that we’ve given them because we have kept them in the loop. They understand what’s going on, and they feel like, at the end of the day, when they decided whether or not to take deal that they took or to go to trial, for example, that they were fully informed, and that the decision was theirs.

And there is something to be said for that. So we get the Smallie of the year for a law firm, CMS Law Firm.

One of the ways I know that people really respect what we do, is that they refer us even when the service I’ve given results in what I would consider to be a loss. There are some people that we represent that are convicted of DUI. Sometimes the facts are just not in our favor. Sometimes things just don’t work out the way that we want them to. But even those people refer us business, and I think that’s a sign of great work that we do for people.

So that’s number one.


The second service that I’m going to give the Smallie award to is Dropbox. And if you haven’t heard about Dropbox, just go Google it, go to the show notes, and click on the link.

Dropbox is a cloud based file sharing service. There’s a free part, and you get 2 GB for free, I think I pay $9.99 a month and I get like 10 GB (it’s actually 100 GB!) and the great thing about Dropbox is that all of your files are in the cloud, so they are accessible anywhere you have an internet connection.

They are also accessible on your iPad and iPhone through the Dropbox application, and those are all password protected. And the other great thing is you can share all of your files with the other members of your law firm, the other employees that you have in your firm, you can share specific folders with specific people so you can collaborate on files and you don’t have to keep moving them back and forth. You don’t have to worry about “is this the latest version of this document,” it’s all right there in Dropbox.

And, if your office ever burns down, if someone ever steals your computer, you haven’t lost everything, it’s in Dropbox. So go check on that.


Third and finally the last service, the last Smallie that I’m handing out for 2012 is Skype. And Skype is the service that we use to make and receive our phone calls at the office.

They use the internet to make phone calls, and I’m sure you’ve all probably heard of Skype. One of the other things that you can do with Skype is you can record phone calls, and you can do video phone calls, as well, and you can record them. So this is great if you want to do a phone call that you want to record, if you want to do a podcast interview with someone, I mean the possibilities are endless.

And what’s great about Skype is that it’s really cheap too. I think it’s five dollars per user per month or something like that, and you can make calls across United States, and I think you can make calls to Canada I believe as well.

But we use Skype for our phone calls and the other great thing about it is that it’s got a lot of great features on it. When someone calls the office my assistant answers. She can then put them on hold, we have call waiting, she can transfer the call, she can forward the call to my cellphone, for example if I’m out of the office, she can do all of these things.

And the other thing is there is a Skype app that you can put on your iPad, there is a Skype app that you can put on your iPhone, so you can make free calls from your iPad.

For example, if you need to, you can make free calls from your iPhone. All you need is an internet connection. And on your iPad and your iPhone you can also do those voice calls if you want. An added bonus is that my parents who live in Kansas for example, we Skype every once in a while and I can show them my new baby, Blakely. They can see her and talk to her and all that kind of stuff. So it’s a great service, and it’s very cheap, and it’s really reliable.

I think, I believe that eBay bought Skype, or Microsoft bought Skype recently, so they’re backed by a big company, so the service is good.

Okay, that is it for the Smallies for the whole year. I hope you enjoyed those things, and I hope you try them out. Like I said, most of them are free, so what have you got to lose? Give them a shot, this is all about improving work flow, about making your systems more manageable, more efficient, and I think some of these tools can do that for you, so give them a look.

Tip of the Week

Okay. Let’s wrap this up with an action of the week.

It’s Christmas Eve, and I bet you thought that maybe we wouldn’t have this podcast because it’s Christmas Eve.

But guess again! That’s how we do it here at Law Firm Marketing Mastery. Every week, every Monday we are releasing a podcast. So we are giving one on Christmas Eve, and you’re going to get one in New Year’s Eve too. Which, by the way, you should really tune into because I’m thinking that I’m going to leave something special for the end of the year, I’m going to probably give away a couple of things, maybe give away a couple of these books that I’ve talked to people.

So make sure you tune in next week to learn all about the details about how you can win some free stuff from law firm marketing mastery.

Okay, back to the action of the week.

Enjoy this week. Enjoy Christmas. Enjoy having a couple of days away from the office. Enjoy your friends and family. Enjoy the gifts that you get. Enjoy the gifts that you give. And this is a great time to remember why we do what we do, and the people that we do all this stuff for. So take the time to do that.

And you know, when you’re sitting around tomorrow when you’re watching football, after you’ve had all of that turkey or whatever you eat for Christmas dinner, grab one of these books, download it onto your iPhone, or download it onto your iPad, and thumb through it. Read through one of these books and just devote a little bit of time to your law firm as a business, and devote a little bit of time to mastering some of the concepts that can lead your business to more clients and more money.

And you’ll be happier too, by the way, when you do that. You’ll feel more comfortable when advertisers call. It’s just a snow ball effect. So take the time to do that. Enjoy your family, maybe read a book, and have a happy holiday.

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