LFMM 010 Transcript: My Favorite Things

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Welcome to Episode 10 of the Law Firm Marketing Mastery Podcast where we get more clients, make more money, step-by-step. I’m your host, Christopher Small, and this week I’m going to talk about some of my favorite things from previous shows and I’m going to give you a chance to win something from that list.

Week in Review

But, before I get to that, let’s talk about what’s been going on in the past week. Obviously we had Christmas, and that’s a big holiday week, and New Year’s is going to be on Tuesday so this is usually a time when people kind of let work go by the wayside, spend more time with friends and family, and I’ve definitely been doing a lot of that.

But I also had some good things go on with work. I’ve been talking a lot about this DUI mailer that I’ve been doing and I wanted to share with you a success story that I had last week that really kind of excited me about the whole thing.

So, I had a guy call and he’d gotten the mailer, and it was really, honestly one of those situations where he called up, he had read my mailer piece, and all he wanted to do is sign up. He wanted to know how much it was and how soon could he sign up, and that was amazing to me.

I’ve gotten already several clients from that mailer, which I think costs me, I think we figured it at about, I think about 70 cents per letter, so you got to figure I’m making about three thousand dollars per new client at a minimum, so the investment is definitely worth the effort.

It’s just… again, one of those things where you need to try something out and if it doesn’t work, tweak it. If it does work, tweak it. And keep going at it until you find several those kind of lanes that will give you steady income, give you good income.

Let’s see, another thing that happened this week was I finished building out the final versions of my DUI site, my traffic site, and lawfirmmarketingmastery.com. So if you go there to lawfirmmarketingmastery.com you can see it’s still the old site, we’ve been just doing some real minor tweaks.

I wanted everything to be just right before it was released so then I could sit on it and kind of see how it went and if there were any other things that need to be fixed. But I haven’t got all of that out yet, but this last week I spend a lot of time fine tuning each of those sites, and I’m really pumped for them to go live, so they can start working for me.

Again, all of those sites went through Elance. I’ve got two different project people working on them. One of the things that I did was, I put pop ups on my old sites to redirect people to my new sites.

If you want to see what I’m talking about you can go to cmslawfirm.com and something should pop up that directs you to one of three sites, depending on what you’re looking for. There is DUI, there’s traffic, and there’s criminal.

If you go look at those areas, if you go look at that site, cmslawfirm.com, then you’ll have an idea what I’m talking about with the popup. And then, if you click on the links then you’ll be able to kind of see the work that I’ve been doing on my new sites. So go check them out. I’m excited for them to go live and start working, so that’s kind of another thing that’s been going on big time.

There wasn’t a lot of court or anything going on last week with the holidays. There’s actually not a lot of court going on this week with the holidays. I’m just trying to use this 2 weeks to relax a little bit, also kind of regain my focus, so that we can hit 2013 hard.

Starting on Tuesday pretty much, I think, I hope to have an interview scheduled on Tuesday that I’ll put on here, it’s a young lady that graduated from University of Kansas Law School, which is where I graduated from. She’s a couple years younger than I am and she started her law firm here in Seattle, I think about two years ago, and she’s doing really well.

I just had a conversation with her last week, and I thought: “Hey, you know what? You’re doing a good job and I’m sure that you’ve got some things to share to all of you out there that are starting your law firm and let’s get you on the show, and let’s talk.”

One of the things I want to do in 2013 is get some more people in here, talking about their stories, talking about the things that have worked for them… I want to give you just a lot more information, a lot more ideas on how you can make your firm better, because the more ideas you have, the more you can implement, and the more you can implement, the better you can do.

That’s kind of what’s been going on for me this past week, and I hope the holidays were good to you and your family, and I hope Santa brought you everything that you asked for, and I hope you get enough for a great 2013.

Feature Segment: My Favorite Things

All right, so let’s get to the Feature Segment, which is a list of some of my favorite things from 2012.

I’ve got to be honest with you, I kind of stole this format from Preneurcast. I don’t know if they’ve done it this year or not because I don’t think their latest podcast has come out for the end of the year, but in 2011 going to 2012 they did a podcast that was kind of similar to this, and what they did was they went through and just listed 3 or 4 of the things that they really thought were useful to them throughout the year, and gave some stuff away.

They kind of wanted to fashion that around Oprah’s favorite things, where she announces a couple of favorite things and gives them away to people so that other people can experience them. That’s what I’m going to do that here for you too.

So, I’m going to give away a couple of things and I hope that whoever’s out there listening really enjoys it and puts it to good use. Okay? The giveaway is going to actually be a contest, sort of. It’s going to be a contest of chance, so you don’t have to do anything spectacular or anything like that. But there are a couple things I’m asking of you to get an entry into the contest, okay?

First of all, the contest is going to last to the end of January so if you’re listening to this podcast and it’s not tomorrow, which will be New Year’s Eve 2012, then you can still participate. You have until the end of January and it’s going to be, like I said, a kind of a random drawing, so whoever gets into the contest I will put all the names into a hat or use some kind of a random name generator or let my wife draw names out of her hat or something like that, and just pick the winners.

But if there’s something that you specifically would like to be eligible for then I want you to let me know that when you send me the information that I’m going to ask you for, because you never know, maybe there’s only three or four entries total, and you can have your pick of the litter.

So that’s one thing, and to get an entry into the contest, I would like you to do 2 of 3 things.

The first thing that I want you to do is leave me an iTunes review. Just go to iTunes, search law firm marketing mastery podcast, and it will pop right up, it takes 30 seconds. The only thing I… one of the things that that does is it helps me get more listeners, and this podcast is really about helping people out, giving people good information and the more that I can do that, the better.

The only thing that I ask if you’re leaving a review, make sure that you leave an honest review. Take 30 seconds to actually think of how this podcast is helping you, or how it’s not helping you, think about what you can do to… if you have suggestions for ways to make it better, that’s fine. But I want a substantive comment. I don’t just want something that says: “Hey, good job”. I don’t want that. I would rather have nothing then have that, because that looks kind of spammy, and iTunes actually doesn’t like that.

So if you’re going to leave a comment, like I said, just please leave something that’s honest and that is substantive. So that’s the first thing that you can do.

The second thing that you can do is create a blog post on your own blog, and talk about why you like Law Firm Marketing Mastery, maybe a couple of things that you get out of it, and then, if you want, you can link it over to lawfirmmarketingmastery.com.

And, again, that’s just another way to I guess say thank you to me for whatever you get out of this, to let other people know that I’m out there and obviously also Google likes blog posts, and they like links, so anything like that that I can get, I’m always thankful for. So that’s the second thing.

The third thing that you can do is simply give us tweet. If you Twitter account just tweet, something about the law firm marketing mastery podcast or lawfirmmarketingmastery.com.

You can even send people to my Twitter account if you want @csmall or my Facebook account, facebook.com/lawfirmmarketingmastery and just say “hey,” or whatever you want to say.

“These guys suck,” “this guy is doing good,” “they have great information,” “check them out,” “I like the specific post,” whatever you want. And just give us a shout out. One of the things that you’ll get out of all those 3 things in addition to an entry in the contest, you will also get some love back from me, okay? Because I really do appreciate every one that takes any time to do any of those things and so I’m always ready and willing to reciprocate that same effort.

Like I said before, if you live me a review on iTunes, I will give you a shout out here on the podcast, and also give you a link back to your site.

Same thing if you tweet me or if you write a blog post, then I will look at your site and I will write something back to you, give you a link back, or something like that too. I’m not only about receiving here, I’m also about giving.

When you, so the last thing when you do two of those three things, then just send me an email, chris@lawfirmmarketingmastery.com, and just tell me what you’ve done. If there are, if you’ve written a blog post for example, just shoot me the link to the post so I can go take a look at it. If you’ve left me a review, let me know who you are, so I can check it out, and then obviously so I can give you some of that love back. And same with a tweet, if you’ve gotten on twitter and given me a shout out, I’d just, I’d love to know about it.

Those are all the things you’ve got to do at the end of January, probably the first podcast that I do in February I will announce those winners and I will announce who gets what prizes and, good for you guys. So the ball is in your court. I would really appreciate it if you get out there and do some of that stuff, and let’s get to the prizes, obviously, because I think they’re pretty good.

So there are 5 prizes that I came up with, and some of them are books, some of them involve time with me, so let’s just go through them. Okay?

The first prize is Influence by Robert Cialdini, which I’ve talked about a bunch of times here on the podcast. It is a book that everyone should read. It just gives you a real insight into persuasion, whether it’s for marketing, whether it’s for, you know, for legal writing, whether it’s for negotiation strategy, whether it’s for strategies at home, with your wife and your husband, with your boyfriend or girlfriend, they can work for all of those things.

And another great thing about Influence is it will also open your eyes to a lot of the things that other businesses and marketers do to get you to commit to them. You’ll see textbook circumstances where people try to draw you in, try to get you to commit to something that seems innocuous unless you’re paying attention to it, so that, you know, a little later on down the road, they can kind of suck you in, and get what they want.

That’s the first prize, Influence, by Cialdini. It will be, I’ll give it to you in any format that you want. If you want like a book, I’ll give you book, if you want audio book, I’ll give you audio book, if you want an eBook, or kindle book or something like that, I’ll give you that too. It doesn’t matter to me, so that goes with these other books too that I’m going to be giving away.

The second prize is The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy. And, again, this is a book that literally has already made me thousands of dollars. I went through it, it’s kind of a step by step how to write copy for your marketing campaign, whether it’s for your website, for direct mailer, whether it’s for anything. It’s a step by step process that you go through, that in the end spits out an extremely persuasive piece of content. So I’m going to be giving that away too. And, like I said, it’s literally already made me thousands of dollars, so I can’t wait to give that to someone and watch you get the same results basically.

The third prize is going to be a free, one hour consult with me, where we can just talk about your business. You can ask me whatever questions that you want, we can talk about specific things if you want me to come up with some things to talk about, some of the very important aspects of a business that I think everyone needs to look out from time to time, we can do that too.

But whatever you want to do, one hour with me. I’ll answer any of your questions. If you’re in Seattle we can meet in person to talk. If you’re coming to Seattle we can meet in person and talk, or whatever. We can do it by Skype, telephone, I don’t care. But you get an hour with me and you can just pick my brain.

If you’ve been listening to podcast, hopefully you think I’ve got some good things to say. I’ve been doing pretty good for myself, and I love talking business. I love helping other people succeed in their businesses. So this is, honestly, a gift for me, and a gift for you, because I’m going to get to talk business with you for an hour and that’s something that I really love to do.

Okay, the fourth prize is going to be another book. This book is called E-Myth Mastery by Michael Gerber. This book, I know I’ve already talked about it, is a foundational book for anyone that’s starting a business I think. It basically outlines the thinking process that you should have as you start your business. It kind of pulls you away from being a technician, being a lawyer, and really helps you get your mind rapped around the idea of being a business owner and identifying anything that that entails and really using all the tools that you have to get the best result for your business.

It’s a great book, it’s one that I read every once in a while, I’ve given it away to a couple of people already that are just in my network, so I’d love to have the opportunity to give that to one of you. And again, audio book, eBook, paperback, hardback, whatever you want, I’ll give it to you.

Fifth, and finally, the last prize is going to be a one hour website audit for some lucky winner. As you know, I love search engine optimization, I love writing sales copy, I love writing copy for my website, I love thinking about what kind of videos to put on the websites, headlines, email opt-ins, and so for one winner, we will spend an hour on your website, we’ll break it down, top to bottom, inside and out.

Again, it’s a great time for you to ask me the questions that you want about the website. Probably, honestly, you can probably ask me about other stuff too if you want, I’d probably talk to you. That’s some sarcasm in there. And, yeah, an hour, again, and this, again, this is something that I really like to talk about, something that I like to look at, and think about, and it’s something that I enjoy giving back, and doing.

So one hour free website consult, for one lucky winner, and you know, changing a couple of things on your website can really have some dramatic effects for the results that you have both in the search engine and for converting people once they get to your website because both of those are important. So we’ll take an hour and we’ll break it down.

That’s pretty much the feature segment this week, figure how to keep it short and sweet, since we are near the end of the year, everybody’s kind of got a lot on their plate, a lot going on, so yeah, we’ll just wrap up the feature segment with that.

Tip of the Week

And then move on to the action item of the week, or the tip of the week, or whatever you want to call it. Before we get to that, well, I guess as part of that I want to thank Fort Worth PI Lawyer for leaving a review on iTunes, which I saw yesterday, or today, I checked today and I saw that is on there, so I really appreciate that.

I do want to remind everyone, though, that if you are leaving the review on iTunes, please stick your law firm website in there, somewhere. That’s the only way I can know who you are, so for example this person, they left their name as Fort Worth PI Lawyer, so I don’t know who you are.

So if that was you that sent that, that left that review, thank you. Email me, chris@lawfirmmarketingmastery.com and let me know what your website link is so that I can say thank you in some other ways.

Here is what the review said, for all of you out there that don’t want to go and check, it said:

Chris walks the walk. I started following Chris’s blog before he started this podcast. In his blog he gave both loads of SEO tips. Naturally I wanted to see if he even did what he preached what he preached. After Googleing his site, I found out Chris’s law firm was ranked number one on Google. From that point on, I started paying closer attention to the information he was sharing. One of my favorite things about this podcast is the outside resources that Chris exposes subscribers to. He has helped me find multiple books, podcasts, and other marketing materials that I probably would not have discovered. Chris’s reviews have helped me save time by helping me determine which products, books or podcasts would be most valuable for me and my practice. Lastly, I enjoyed receiving Chris’s monthly newsletter. In the newsletter Chris breaks down his monthly income, successes, struggles, etc.

So, that’s it, and I thank you Fort Worth PI Lawyer, whoever you are. I really appreciate the review and I hope that every all of you other people out there listening, whoever you are, take 30 seconds and go to iTunes and give me a review too. I’d really appreciate it.

And the other thing I wanted to mention, for those of you who have left me reviews including Fort Worth PI Lawyer, because we are so new, because my podcast is only ten weeks old, I’m going to count those of you that have left reviews in the contest as well. So basically just consider yourself as having done one of the two things necessary to get in or into the contest.

Oh, another thing that I wanted to point out for that comment, or that review, was a reminder to sign up for my newsletter. As you heard, the newsletter gets you my monthly income numbers. I usually will put kind of a little lesson that I learned from the month, I’ll give you my expense numbers, so you can see how much I am making, basically, I mean literally.

You can see exactly how much I’m making, and this is a pretty good time to sign up because what I plan on doing is a yearly review for this upcoming one, since the year will be over, I’m going to know how much I’ve made and how much I’ve spend, so this will be a big newsletter month for all of you that are interested to see like the review said, if I am walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

And then, another thing that you get when you sign up is an invitation to my monthly webinars. I do a live monthly webinar, this month’s topic is going to be kind of “SEO from A to Z” – that’s the topic.

We’re going to talk a little bit about search engine optimization. It’s something that I think everyone should at least have an understanding of, if not be doing things actively to implement a search engine optimization strategy with their website, and it will prevent you also after you come to this webinar from falling prey to search engine marketers that are really selling you a pipe dream. Because there are a lot of them out there that are selling you crap, for lack of a better word. They’re giving you spammy links, and they are just taking you for a fool, you are just leaving your money by the way side.

So feel free to go and sign up for that, all you have to do, you go to my site, lawfirmmarketingmastery.com, there’s a sign up box on the right, just sign up for the newsletter, it just takes your name, your email address and you can get signed up for that.

So, let’s see, action Item of the week. I mean, it’s New Year, right? So I say just get started off on the right foot, take, they say, if you’re trying to break a habit, pick one good habit, one habit you want to change and really try to do that one thing for at least ten days in a row. Do it 10 days in a row, it pretty much becomes a new habit. If you make it to 20 days in a row, it’s ingrained, you’re doing it, and it’s going to be hard to stop it, just like your bad habits now.

So, if the first of the year is when you want to start, pick Tuesday and get started, hit it hard.

Good luck to everyone! Thanks for listening. If you liked the show, please follow us on iTunes, and leave us a review, if you have a question or comment, please go to lawfirmmarketingmastery.com and you can leave it on the podcast comments for this particular episode or any other episode.

I’d also… I’d love to hear from you on Facebook, facebook.com/lawfirmmarketingmastery and on Twitter – twitter.com/csmall. So 2012 was a great year, my law firm made more money than ever, my daughter was born, and I started this podcast.

So one of my goals every year is to make the next year better than the last, so I can’t wait to see what 2013 holds, and I can’t wait to help you make more money, get more clients, step by step. Happy New Year! Talk to you soon.